How To Assemble A Skateboard

Putting together your own skateboard deck can be therapeutic, it takes some patience and understanding, but when the board is complete it can bring an inner joy. Several skaters enjoy putting their boards together on their own because they have a say in each component that gets placed into their ride. Below are the steps you need to get started.

What You Will Need

Two Trucks With Hardware

Trucks should have four screws and four nuts for each truck, that are designed to fit through the base plate to secure them to the deck. They also have two lock nuts along with four axle washers.

Four Wheels

Do not mix and match your wheels. They should all be the same.

Gripped Deck

The deck should be gripped before starting.

Eight Bearings

You will need a total of eight bearings, with two bearings going inside each wheel.

Skate Tool or Adjustable Wrench

An all purpose skate tool has a socket that does very well when assembling a board. You can also use a wrench that measures 3/8in and should adjust down.

If you are using a skate tool you will have a Phillips screwdriver connected to it. If you are not using a skate tool you will need a Phillips screwdriver.


Assuming you have all the pieces together lets get started on completing your board.

Mounting The Trucks

For those who are using a newly gripped deck, start by using your screwdriver to poke through the screw holes in the deck. Be careful when doing this so you do not poke your hand. Install all eight screws into the holes and flip the board over, bottom side up. If you are using risers you will want to place them between the deck and the base plate first. Now place the trucks onto the screws through the base plate. Trucks should be placed so that the kingpin and the bushings of each face inward. Secure the nuts to the screws to hold the trucks loosely in place until you can fasten them securely. Grab your skate tool or adjustable wrench to hold the nuts in place then tighten the screws in an “X” pattern. Make sure the hold is evenly distributed over the whole base plate.

Putting The Bearings Into The Wheels

This is probably the most difficult part of the whole assembly process. You could purchase a tool called a bearing press that is specifically designed to install bearings, but your own hands will work just fine if you use a little force.

Bearings can be pretty delicate and can be damaged if not handled correctly, therefore take some caution when assembling. Begin by flipping your skateboard on its side and sliding a bearing on to the axle. Using some pressure, push the bearing into the socket of the wheel. If your bearing comes with a spacer, not all do, slide it on top of the bearing before placing it on the wheel. You will eventually feel the bearing slip into place. However, keep in mind that wheels with higher Durometers will be tougher to fit than softer wheels.

After one bearing is in, remove the wheel and slide in the other bearing . Turn the wheel over, slide it onto the axle over the bearing, and push it into place. Now that you have the bearings in one wheel follow these steps for the remaining three.

Installing The Wheels

When you are finished installing the bearings in the wheels you can begin attaching the wheels to the trucks. Set the skateboard on its side again. Trucks typically come with a total of eight axel washers, two for each wheel. The washers should go on either side of the wheel to help the wheel spin smoothly.

Go ahead and attach each wheel by sliding on the washer first, then sliding on the wheel with the bearings, and the sliding on the second washer. Now install the lock nut which will ensure that the entire setup is locked into place. When you have finished installing the wheels on one side of the board, turn it over and repeat the process.

Give the board a look over to make sure everything is secure. After you have done that you are ready to hit the Street!