Choosing The Right Skateboard Helmet Size

If you ever watch a pro skating event on TV, you know that even the pros where helmets to protect themselves from concussions. Head injuries of any kind can be devastating to anyone’s skating career, you shouldn’t risk riding without one.


To ensure that you have the proper head protection you should begin by measuring your head to guarantee a perfect fit. A well fitted helmet should include protective padding that fits snugly,  that will not shift around while skateboarding, and that also fits low across your forehead.

Be prepared to replace your helmet regularly, whenever your helmet looks or feels damaged. Younger riders should change their helmet if it begins to feel too small.

Measuring Your Head

A properly fitted helmet makes all the difference when safety is concerned. The size of your head will play a large role in what helmet you purchase. Helmet sizes differ from brand to brand, but having your exact head measurements will make it easy find the right purchase, even if you’re buying online.

First step is to take a soft tape measure and wrap it around your forehead. The measuring tape should be wrapped over your eyebrows and ears. Do not wrap the tape too tight or too loose as you record the circumference of your head in inches for US sizing or centimeters for European sizing.

Another trick you could use if you do not have a measuring tape available is by checking the size of your favorite well fitted hat. If you check the tag of the hat it could give you a rough estimate of the correct helmet size.